The quality evaluation procedure is proud of being able to deliver a high-quality service to every customer. However, we are open to receiving complaints and willing to evaluate our clients’ experience with our custom writing service.

We created a special procedure that will help our customers to claim their rights. To avoid a negative experience with our service or know what to do in the case if your expectations have not been met, we offer you to read the dispute policy.

The procedure is quick and simple. Follow the provided steps and let us solve your problem:

I received a paper but it does not meet my expectations

If your paper did not meet your expectation, you have a right to send in for revision. Provide clear instructions. If the write who was submitted to your order in the first place didn’t understand your requirements, choose another writer. Mention what parts of the paper should be revised. In the case you need a new paper written from scratch, we will do that for you without the extra charge. If the final version of the paper still does not satisfy you, then you should initiate with the quality evaluation procedure.

If what cases can I order the quality evaluation?

You can order the procedure if you are not satisfied with your paper result even after a revision. Also, you can get the quality evaluation if your order was approved but your university professor detected plagiarism. If you can provide a proof of plagiarism, we will be able to help you immediately.
How to order the quality evaluation?
Contact and tell about your problem. Check the message and confirm ordering the quality evaluation with a manager. Make sure you have arguments to prove that your paper should be improved. For example, you can give a plagiarism report that did not satisfy your university professor or give evidence of the writer’s incompetence.

How long does it take to complete the quality evaluation of the order?

To complete the quality evaluation, we will have up to 14 days. Usually, we try to deliver papers to customers within a week. After receiving a paper, you will have 14 days more to agree with your manager and the result of the procedure. However, you should know that there will not be a refund if you are still not satisfied with your paper after the quality evaluation.

How to avoid the quality evaluation and receive a paper that will satisfy your requirements from the first attempt?

If you have already ordered a paper from the service before, use the option “Preferred writer”. In this case, you will likely receive the result that will satisfy you. Working with the writer who knows your preferences and requirements, will surely deliver the paper that you expect. Subscribe to receiving notifications and keep up with your order. By using the “VIP customer service”, you will receive important notifications and stay updated with your order. To get an excellent result without wasting time on a revision or the quality evaluation, you should provide an outline before making a payment.

Before you give an order the quality evaluation status, you should carefully read about money-back guarantee, revision policy, and terms of use. We work 24/7 and willing to answer any of your questions online. When you make an order at our website, please, be precise and make sure that the writer understood the requirements concerning your paper. If you did not get sufficient information from one of the customer support representatives, contact your manager and express your issue as soon as possible.