How to Authorize at Our Service

In order to authorize at our website, you will need to take your credit card and your ID, cover all the areas on them except for the four last digits of your credit card and the Cardholder’s name, and your name and the country on your ID. Please take the photos of these documents on your smartphone and send us the pictures.

Please note that this method of authorization is used by Google, eBay, Amazon, Apple Store and other services.


What is the authorization of the account and the payment?

By authorization of the account and payment, we confirm that the information, provided by you, is the personal data of the cardholder. This procedure also allows us to protect our customers from identity thefts.

Why do I need to authorize my account?

We recommend our customers to go through the authorization process for us to be sure that only you have an access to personal account. You can be confident in the security of your personal data, as only our Risk Account Representatives have an access to it.

What documents should I provide?

We need only the photo of your credit card for the payment and the photo of any document, which confirms your identity.

What information do you need on my credit card?

We require only the full name of the cardholder, its type, and four last digits. You can hide all other essential information on it while taking a picture.

What do you need to see on my ID?

We need only to see your full name and address, indicated on your ID card. All the other information is not relevant to us so that you can hide it.

What do you do with the information from my documents?

We will check whether this information corresponds to the details, provided during the transaction.

How can you be sure that the provided information is correct?

We always have the information, which you provide during the transaction. Thus, our Risk department can compare it with the data on your documents and verify that it is correct.

How do you authorize the information?

We will compare the information of the transaction with the information on your document. In case it is the same data, we will know that the payment is done by the rightful owner of the credit card.

What if I use the credit card of the other person?

We do not mind you using someone’s else credit card, but we still need you to take the photos of the abovementioned documents for us to be sure that the cardholder knows that his or her card is used in the transaction. We will also need the phone number of the credit card owner to verify the payment via phone.

I do not want to share my personal information. What should I do then?

We need this information for the financial safety at the first place, as we want to make sure that nobody uses a stolen credit card.

Is it safe to share the personal data with your service?

We can assure you that this is absolutely safe, as we do not store your documents and do not disclose them to the third parties.

How can I authorize my payment?

It is an extremely easy process. All you need is to take the pictures of your documents and send them to us via email, fax, or file upload.