Refund Policy

Our customers have a right to ask for the refund in a limited number of cases. That means that you have an opportunity to demand your money back in case the provided paper do not correspond to the features, claimed at our website. You should follow the rules below if you want to receive the refund.

There are following types of refund if you applied for it before the text material is approved by you:

  1. You can get 100% refund in case:
  • There was any kind of payment mistake. You are to report about it as soon as possible. That type of the refund is possible only is the writers has not been assigned yet;
  • If there is no suitable write for your assignment, you will get your money back automatically;
  • You do not need the order any longer as the writers have not been able to meet the deadline. You will not receive any text materials in this case, but we will give your money back.
  1. A 70% refund can be received if:
  • There is more than half of the time before the deadline, but you do not need the ordered text materials any longer. Why only 70%? That is because the writer has been assigned, and we need to pay for his or her work.
  1. Get 50% refund in case:
  • You need the revision, but all writers are busy, and we cannot assign any of them to revise your paper;
  • More than 50% of the time has passed, and the writer has been assigned to your order.

If you ask for the refund, you agree that you have no intellectual property on any text material, sent to you. If you have decided to send your paper for the revision, the 100% refund is impossible.

No refund options can be applied to:

  • Money, which were submitted to your account as Credit;
  • Cases, in which our Quality Assurance department considers that your requirements have been met;
  • Cases, in which any kinds of discounts, bonuses or special offers has been used;
  • Papers, which has been approved by you;
  • Multiple choice and Problem solving assignments, as all the answers, given by writers, are considered automatically approved by you. If the writer does not manage to score more than 50% of correct answers, you can ask for a partial The amount of the refund will be defined by the manager, and it can be different in every separate case.